Ashley and Rob Testimonial

I hired Natalia after our sight visit in March (wedding was in October). She took us to some off-site locations, where we fell in love with KSM Beachclub. Natalia was fantastic to help me plan. She was incredible to communicate with, who helped me plan this wedding. Natalia was excellent at returning e-mais (within a day or two). Which really helped me plan, and wrap my head around planning a wedding in another country.

I changed my wedding vision, 3 months before, to a completely different theme, and she was completely supportive and understanding of my decision. If she brought me options – like tables and chairs – she would listen to my theme and idea, and bring me deals and would go back to vendors if I still didn’t like the style or price.

The day before the wedding, we had to re-plan the entire wedding due to severe weather (it POURED for three days straight before the wedding). Natalia was great to supply options for us – she even found us a TENT a few days before the wedding. She also went out the night before the wedding and bought/rented fabric and plastic to protect the palapa from the rain – she was fantastic.  What I loved, the day of the wedding, Natalia used a lot of her own wedding décor, mixing with my own things throughout the wedding.

It was all so beautiful and she definitely saw and created my vision perfectly!

Ashley and Rob