Covid Strategy for a Destination Wedding in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Covid Strategy for a Destination Wedding in the Mayan Riviera


We are all facing so much uncertainty and we know how stressful this is for our couples planning a destination wedding!
Your health and safety is our main priority. Be assured, we are up-to-date in our education and done our courses and we are doing all we can to stay in great health. We promise to be honest and transparent so that we do not put you at unnecessary risk.

Precautions we will take

Myself and all vendors involved will sanitize or wash their hands thoroughly and frequently during the entire day of setting up the wedding.
We will use masks at all times and keep our social distance.


We will not shake your hand, or greet you with the hug and kiss that is customary in Mexico. We will blow kisses, do a namaste, or throw each other a peace sign instead!
We promise to minimize our exposure to the Coronavirus by following the guidelines set out by the CDC.

Advice for your destination wedding in times of Covid

First things first: You can still plan your dream wedding! This WILL pass eventually.

  • Prepare yourself to have a smaller guest list than you originally thought. Respect that everyone is worried about the outcome of this pandemic. Most of your loved ones will get hit financially, and may not be able to afford an international vacation….But after more than a year without vacations they might be eager to travel again. Keep open communication with your guests with everything from up-to-date (relevant and reputable!)
  • If you worry about your grandparents, or anyone with health issues not being able to attend, you have options and just need to get creative. You can live stream your wedding ( let us know to send you information), and you can hire a videographer to make a cinematic film for them to cherish later.
  • This is also a great time to consider elopement or a super intimate destination wedding with only your nearest and dearest. They are always super special and emotionally charged!
  • Look into your travel insurance policy, and make sure you understand the fine print as it relates to Coronavirus.
  • Considering a postponement or cancellation? Please be candid with all of your wedding vendors. Businesses that deal with destination weddings are going to take a huge hit to their bottom line this year, and last-minute cancellations are the worst since they have not been planned for.

Do you want to postpone the wedding?

You have our complete understanding if you choose to push back your wedding date right now. International travel bans, quarantine, concern for the health of your guests and yourselves, financial fears…there are so many factors to support postponing until it is a better time.
Your full deposit will transfer over to your new wedding date, as long as we are not already booked.

Cancellations due Covid-19

But you still want to get married, don’t you?

Here are two options:

  • Option #1: Get legally married at home and have a symbolic elopement ceremony or Petit wedding in Mexico when you can travel! We will adjust your package accordingly, suggest locations, officiate your ceremony, and help with all the little details. Trust that we will help you reschedule your date so that we can be available, and your deposit will transfer over to that new date.
  • Option #2: We can offer you to have a renewal of vows with friends and Family when vaccination is done and the world is back to normal.
    Either option you prefer just know we are here for you every step of the way.
Happy Planning and we look forward to seeing you soon here (with a margarita in your hands) in Riviera Maya Mexico!

Natalia Schweitzer

Destination wedding Specialist