Dalila and David Testimonial

I would like to start off with thanking Natalia very much for making me wedding day the best ever. My husband and I recently got married at Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We had our reception at Al Cielo Hotel in Xpu-Ha. Natalia had to fill in on an emergency the day of my wedding. She became my wedding coordinator on the actual day which was May 16, 2015. I was able to meet with Natalia the day before and we went through the entire wedding timeline, décor, etc. She was very pleasant and very excited to help my vision come to live the following day.

On the day of the wedding my guests arrived to the venue and were simply blown away with everything. Natalia followed my timeline as discussed prior and all went on very flawlessly. Every one of my guest was so impressed. Even though I met Natalia on a fluke, I was so glad I did. I know my original wedding coordinator Andrew was great as well, but due to a sudden emergency he was unable to be there. But since Andrew trusted Natalia and thus far I had trusted Andrew I didn’t have any doubt about Natalia. I went in with an open mind and I was so happy I did. Natalia did not let me down. I will always be grateful to her work and dedication to making my day so special! She handled everything and I swear to everyone I did not have one complaint.

Thanks you a million Natalia


Dalila and David