Frequently Asked


What are the requirements for a civil ceremony in Mexico?

The requirements for a civil ceremony between non nationals are:

– Each person must hold a valid Passport (if you have been previously divorced then your legalized birth certificate translated into Spanish will be required.)

– Tourist card (issued upon entering the country)

– 4 witnesses, 2 per person (each will need to 18 years or older and hold a valid passport and tourist card)

– Blood test and medical certificate

Weddings on the Beach will arrange the blood test to be taken the same day of your pre-wedding meeting. The laboratory will give the results and the medical certificate to us so we can present them with the rest of the paperwork at the civil register office.

What happen if one of us is positive for any of the blood tests?

If you have a positive HIV or RPR you will not be able to be married legally in Mexico.

How soon do I need to book my wedding?

We recommend you to book your date as soon as you can.  All services are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.  To receive the best possible location, date/time, judge/minister, and other services for your wedding, booking at least a few months earlier is suggested.

How do I secure my wedding date?

After a preliminary quote has been agreed you simply sign the contract sent to you and e-mail it back to info@weddingsonthebeach.com.mx. We also require a deposit to secure your date at the venue chosen. The deposit is non-reimbursable in case of cancellation of the wedding. Thirty days prior to the wedding we will review the all services selected and according to the final number of guests attending we will send you an invoice and you must then send the remaining balance.

Can we have a private ceremony for only the two of us?

We can definitely help you with the arrangements. We can provide the four witnesses required locally and you and your couple can have an intimate and romantic wedding.

Is the wedding ceremony valid in my country?

A civil or legal marriage is the only ceremony recognized by Mexico and other countries. Your marriage certificate, given to you directly after the ceremony, is your official documentation.

Some countries require the wedding certificate legalized and we can help you to obtain this as well, but it is important that you check what are the specific requirements in the place you live.

What is the difference between civil, religious and renewal ceremonies?

The only ceremony recognized by Mexico and other countries is the civil ceremony with the judge. Religious ceremonies are allowed but are not legally recognized in Mexico and other countries. Renewal and religious ceremonies require no legal documentation or submission of paperwork; however, you must be already legally married.

Can I have a Catholic ceremony on the beach?

No, the Catholic Religion only allows marriages to be performed in a Church as it is considered a sacrament.

Are changes allowed after full payment has been received?

You may make changes up to the day of the wedding in most cases, and you can pay any extras to us locally in Mexico.

What is the best way to send payments?

By transfer wire to our local bank and any extras can be paid upon arrival during our pre-wedding meeting.

Can we choose the music we would like to have during the ceremony?

Yes, of course! You can send us the name of the song and artist and our Dj will download the best version of the song and play it during your wedding. If prefer to choose your own version, please send us the link from you tube so our Dj can make sure to have the right one.