Teressa and Hubbel Testimonial

Where do we even begin! Natalia was an absolute dream come true when it came to helping us plan our wedding. She was recommended to us by a very close friend, and we are forever thankful she came our way and handled all our planning. Whatever concerns we had, questions, suggestions she was always so helpful. Planning a wedding in a different country can be quite challenging, but I am telling you when you hire Natalia, you get nothing but professionalism. She planned our wedding as if it was her own.

She was always available when needed, responded quickly to any questions or concerns we had and the best part about her, she is incredibly trustworthy. From the first email I received from Natalia I knew we were in good hands. I will never forget that moment when my fiancé and I arrived in Mexico and got to finally meet her.

I felt as if she was somebody whom I’ve known forever. Planning our wedding in Playa del Carmen was a dream and just thinking about all the love, time and effort she put in to our big day fills our hearts with such joy. Now the wedding is over and our daily emails have dwindled, but even now every once in awhile I still hear from her. She has a heart of gold!

My husband and I look forward to returning to our favorite paradise, but honestly we look forward to seeing her the most. To all those future brides out there, allow Natalia to do what she does best. I know for a fact our wedding was a success because we gave her control and listened to all her suggestions.

She is a dream come true to all you brides, and we highly recommend her. Once again, thank you Natalia for all that you did for us. We are forever grateful for you and all your knowledge when it comes to planning a wedding in Mexico. You are so loved by not only the Richmond’s but all our guests who attended our special day. Muchas Gracias!!!

Teressa and Hubbel