Choosing a Fairytale Mexican Wedding Tradition


Many brides choose to include Mexican rituals, customs and traditions in their Mexican “boda”; perhaps the bride or groom has Latino heritage or the bride has always loved Frida Kahlo, or simply that the charm of the mix of Spanish, Aztec, Maya and Anglo-American cultures can truly make an ordinary wedding into a fairytale come true.

Falling in love and marrying are some of the most important celebrations in Mexico and it’s all about the beloved couple. Love, romance and passion are always a part of Mexican culture, but it’s never more apparent than when there is a wedding. The whole town wants in on the fiesta!

A simple tradition that is very similar to American-style weddings is the “blue garter” tradition. The Mexican bride will sew three ribbons into her lingerie that she will wear for the wedding; one is yellow, one is blue and one is red. The ribbons are to bring the blessings of food, money and passion to the union.

lazo de bodas

Another tradition is that of the “lazo” which translates to lasso, just like a lasso used to tame a horse.

The “Lazo” signifies a tied rope, but it can be made from anything such as a ribbon, a rosary, a silver chain, or a wreath of flowers, and signifies the joining of the two lives. It’s known as the Unity Lace. The lazo is seen in both religious ceremonies and spiritual ceremonies, such as Maya weddings, where the lazo is usually made of natural elements, vines, orchids, seashells, leaves and herbs. As the couple say their vows, a family member, close friend, or even the shaman places the lasso around the couple.

One of the most lively and exciting of Mexican boda traditions is the “Callejoneada” or street processional. Once the official ceremony is completed and the bride and groom are husband and wife, they will journey down the center of town to the location of the wedding reception. Mariachi musicians accompany the couple, the wedding party and all of their family and friends, announcing that there is a wedding to celebrate with a Mariachi trumpet and full band.

lazo de bodas

Wedding-Mariachi. As they stroll down the main street, the whole town comes out of their homes, shops, restaurants and cantinas to applaud the new couple and join in the fun of the wedding day by blowing kisses, clapping and dancing. It’s quite an emotional event for all and a great way to announce the good news to everybody in town. Participating in a Callejoneada will bring warm memories for you for years to come, and perhaps a little tear in the corner of your eye, as you remember the excitement and magical moment of the wedding parade.