What is a “Cenote” wedding?

The Riviera Maya is one of the best wedding destinations for several reasons, not only the obvious fact that the beaches are gorgeous, and perfect for a dreamy wedding, but rather a long list of awesome advantages:

Think about the wedding party and guests for instance; in the Riviera Maya there’s something for everyone. Coming to your wedding will be for them a double joy as they can also get a great vacation in the process.

There are attractions that will appeal to each age group of your loved ones; from the historical and cultural wonders of the ancient Maya world, to the gastronomy experience of the cosmopolitan restaurants, to the beautiful and challenging designer golf courses, to the theme parks where one can admire the jungle canopy swinging from a zip line; and the list goes on and on.

Think about the bride and groom as well; the wedding destination can automatically become the honeymoon of choice, with awesome things to do as a couple, such as taking scuba-diving or kite surfing lesson together, or going sky diving; that is, if the newly-weds are adrenaline junkies.

But let’s say that the bride and groom are into spirituality, alternative living, sustainability and the love of nature. With those in mind, a great and unique Riviera Maya choice is to have a “Cenote” jungle wedding.

Of all the attractions we mentioned before, none is as unique or as mystical as the famous “Cenotes”. They were sacred to the ancient Maya and great deal of their mythology revolved around them. But what are the “Cenotes”?


“Cenotes” are fresh water sink holes carved by rain through the ages to become a gorgeous window to the underground rivers. The lush tropical setting of these crystal clear fresh water springs, provide a stunning back drop for your special occasion.

The “Cenotes” are obviously sought out by a lot of tourists that want to go cave diving, snorkeling or just swimming in them, and admire their natural beauty.

They are in fact naturally beautiful, but when we decorate them with your choice of floral arrangements, tiki torches, copal or frankincence aromas, colorful (or white) fabric ribbons, candles; it just turns the already amazing natural wonder into the most vibrant and alive setting for a couple to say, I do.